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Belly Breathing

5-7 Breathing Technique

Positive Affirmation Meditation -Choose Your Words-

Mindfulness & Meditation for Beginners

4 CEUs, $75

Reminder: after payment, please send an email to with student name, student email address, course name, and name of purchaser (if different than student name).

Course material includes a recorded video of the training, post-test, and feedback form.

This training is ideal for therapists hoping to learn more about mindfulness and meditation skills, not only for their own use but also for use in client sessions.  The presentation includes mindfulness and meditation information & background, examples of many exercises, and tips for teaching/presenting mindfulness and meditation to clients.  

This training includes practice time and guidance to take you through several meditation and mindfulness exercises.  Wear some comfortable clothes and find a quiet space for the latter portion of the material if possible.  

As a result of this training, each clinician will be able to: 

1. Teach use of meditation skills directly to students or clients, using client centered approaches

2. Have skills to intervene in the moment, employing mindfulness skills in real time with students or clients

3. Understand how to tailor mindfulness skills to substance use and mental health examples

4. Utilize mindfulness techniques to help students/clients observe and change maladaptive behavior patterns

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