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Part 1: Introduction to the ASAM, How the ASAM Works, Categorization of Clinical Symptoms into the 6 ASAM Dimensions (2 hours)

Part 2: Elements of Imminent Risk, Understanding ASAM Risk Assessment Ratings and Levels of Care (2 hours)

Part 3: Adult and Adolescent ASAM Assessment & Summary, Step-By-Step (2 hours)


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Introduction to the ASAM- What is the ASAM?

The 6 ASAM Dimensions-
What Are They?

Myths About the ASAM

Easy Reference Tools

Where Do I Find It? Important Pages in the ASAM Book

Co-Occurring Conditions and Matching Services to Needs

p. 30

The Multidimensional Risk Profile

p. 57

The Immediate Need Profile


How To Use the Matrix to Match Multidimensional Risk with Type and Intensity of Service


Matrix for Matching Adult Severity and Level of Function With Type and Intensity of Service


Matrix for Matching Adolescent Severity and Level of Function With Type and Intensity of Service


Reflecting a Continuum of Care (Shows spectrum of different levels of care)


Levels of Withdrawal Management For Adults


Decisional Flow to Match Assessment and Treatment/Placement Assignment


Alcohol Withdrawal Management Matrix


Sedative/Hypnotics Withdrawal Management Matrix


Opioids Withdrawal Management Matrix


Adult Crosswalk: An Overview of Adult Admission Criteria; a Summary


Adolescent Crosswalk: An Overview of Adult Admission Criteria; a Summary


Continued Service Criteria


Transfer/Discharge Criteria


Application to Adult Special Populations


Emerging Understandings of Addiction (Gambling & Tobacco)


Sample Assessments For Use During our ASAM class

Adult Evaluation Example: Allan

Adolescent Evaluation Example: Maria

Other Online Resources