Let us bring the training to your agency!

We can bring our instructors directly to your staff members with a virtual live classroom using the Zoom application.  Training your entire staff at once can save you time, travel expenses, and lower your tuition costs.  Our staff can meet with you to determine exactly what type of training will work best for you. We can tailor our training to fit your specific staff needs.   

In-person training may be available, depending on COVID restrictions and infection rates.

How Agency Trainings Work:

Several options for agency trainings are listed below. You can choose one training or several different trainings for your staff members.  CEUs are available for agency trainings. 

Ready to talk specifics? Contact us at pacificcrestclinical@gmail.com to discuss scheduling options, your agency’s specific needs, and how we can help!

Trauma Informed Crisis Intervention Skills

Learn basic crisis intervention skills including situation management, the crisis development model, paraverbal communication, de-escalation techniques, empathic listening, and validation techniques through a trauma-informed lens. Ideal for agencies working with clients affected by trauma or PTSD.  Helpful for new staff members or helpers that need a refresher course.

2-3 CEUs, depending on agency needs

Motivational Interviewing for Co-Occurring Disorders

Learn basic Motivational Interviewing theory and skills tailored to client stages of change. Practice using OARS, FRAMES, the readiness to change ruler and other MI techniques during class role plays and examples.  This course includes several “recipes” for utilizing MI in session with clients.  Helpful for new staff members or helpers that need a refresher course.

5-6 CEUs, depending on agency needs

Air & Blood Borne Pathogens

Perfect for staff new in the field, or for existing staff members needing a refresher.  This course reviews universal precautions, HIV/AIDS, TB, Hepatitis A,B,C, numerous STDs, and COVID-19. 

2.5 CEUs

Self-Care & Life Balance For Helping Professionals

This course explores underlying factors for burnout and lack of self-care, along with misconceptions about caring for ourselves.  Learn how to prevent burnout, rebalance areas of life focus, and increase self-care behaviors.

1-4 CEUs, depending on agency needs

Ethics & Healthy Boundaries for Helping Professionals

This training pinpoints common boundary challenges in the field, along with recipes for therapeutic responses.  Several real-life ethical scenarios are described and discussed with solutions and practical approaches. This discussion includes the newest version of the NAADAC Code of Ethics, and the training can be tailored to address specific ethical issues or themes in your agency. 

6 CEUs

The ASAM Criteria
For Substance Use and
Co-Occurring Disorders

6 CEUs

DBT for Co-Occurring Disorders
4 Part Series

Module 1: Mindfulness Skills

Module 2: Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills

Module 3: Emotion Regulation Skills

Module 4: Distress Tolerance Skills

4 CEUs per class, 16 CEUs total

Instructor with over 20 years of experience tailoring DBT for substance use and co-occurring disorders clients.

Ethics & Healthy Boundaries for Peer Support Helpers

We’ll discuss the newest version of the National Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist Code of Ethics, as well as the NAADAC code of ethics and talk about scenarios pertaining to peer recovery support that are REAL.

6 CEUs

Ethics & Healthy Boundaries for Child, Adolescent, and Family Providers

We’ll discuss the newest version of the NAADAC code of ethics and talk about scenarios pertaining to work with children, adolescents and families that are REAL.

6 CEUs

Relapse Prevention Skills for Co-Occurring Disorders

Ideal for staff members that feel frustrated or confused about chronically relapsing clients. Includes case presentations and discussion regarding complex roots of relapse behaviors. 

4 CEUs

Family Dynamics in Substance Use and Mental Health Therapy

Ideal for staff members that have little background in family dynamics, codependency, and relationships issues as they relate to co-occurring disorders.

4 CEUs

Pharmacology of Alcohol and Substances of Abuse

This course discusses routes of administration, chemical makeup, neurotransmitter action, short and long-term effects, signs of acute intoxication, diagnostic considerations, and withdrawal symptoms for alcohol, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, amphetamines, cocaine, caffeine, nicotine, opioids, kratom, hallucinogens, MDMA, PCP, Ketamine, DXM, Cannabis, Inhalants, and anabolic steroids. 

4 CEUs

Group Therapy Skills

This course explores basic group therapy skills/approaches, characteristics of healthy group leadership, creation of positive group norms, group needs, group structure, and methods for setting boundaries in a group setting. Examples of group cohesion exercises are also available.

3-4 CEUs, depending on agency needs

Mindfulness & Meditation For Beginners

Presentation includes mindfulness and meditation information & background, examples of many exercises, and tips for teaching/presenting mindfulness and meditation skills to clients.  Includes guided practice time through several different exercises. 

4 CEUs